O to 1000 Instagram Followers [Real Quick]




I love Instagram but I found growing an audience exceptionally hard…and getting that audience to actually visit my blog was even hard. Armed with years as a social media manager for large accounts across North America, I set out to discover exactly what it took to grow an authentic and engaged following on Instagram. And I did it!!!! In fact, the method I created allowed me to grow a following of true followers QUICKLY and HONESTLY.

In one month, I took a brand new Instagram account from 0 to 1000 TRUE FOLLOWERS without using dishonest methods, using professional photos, or purchasing followers. And I did it all with less than 100 posts and zero photography experience!

Suddenly I had over 1,000 complete strangers following me on Instagram and actually engaging with my content. No longer did I have a handful of likes and some spam comments – I had REAL followers writing REAL comments and leaving me HEARTFELT messages.

In fact, I realized I was doing the exact thing Instagram was intended for: I was developing REAL RELATIONSHIPS with REAL PEOPLE who REALLY CARED!

Now I’m going to teach YOU my Instagram methods and strategies.


“Zero to 1000 Instagram Followers [Real Quick]”

 THE e-book you need to read if you want to crush Instagram and gain a REAL following.

 Zero to 1000 Instagram Followers [Real Quick] isn’t just a simple, “quick-start” guide with a few of the crappy, regurgitated strategies you can read all over the internet. NOPE!  This is the REAL DEAL. From someone who has the stats, and the clout,  to back it up.

With over 30 no-fluff pages of strategythese are the tricks you’ve been missing to grow an Instagram audience that cares about you, cares about your blog, and wants to engage and build a relationship!

And at only $7.99, how can you afford not to?

Here’s EXACTLY what you will find inside…

  • How to start an account dedicated solely to your blog or business (not a “personal” account!)
  • How to optimize your Instagram account to ensure people know who you are and what you are about
  • How to attract your IDEAL reader or customer to your account [and get them to follow you!]
  • The three things you MUST have in order to succeed on Instagram
  • Why vanity numbers are useless!
  • How to achieve true engagement with your followers (no matter how many you have)
  • How to “brand” yourself so that your Instagram feed has a nice flow and visual appeal
  • How to find the right hashtags to bring your ideal reader or client to your Instagram
  • How often to post and what to include to make sure you are attracting the right people to your feed
  • What types of posts you should focus on to engage and grow.